Double Eagle Services
P.O. Box 4554
Omaha, Nebraska 68104

Toll Free: 800.776.0125
Local: 402.571.9726
Fax: 402.571.0367


Services Offered

Repossessions -

If it can be driven, towed, flown, navigated down a water way, or broken down, palletized and shipped on a truck, we can handle it.

Skip Tracing -

In over 25 years of servicing our area of South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa we have developed contacts that have info that can't be found in Data Base programs.

Remarketing -

NOT ALL AUCTIONS ARE THE SAME!! In the past 25+ years we have built a rapport with both regional auctions and their buyers. Let us help you navigate the smoke and mirrors of what was once just referred to as "liquidation".

Storage -

With a 3 acre fenced facility and an 8200 sq ft office/warehouse we can safely store everything from medical equipment to entire fleets of trucks.


Whether it weighs 100 tons or half a pound we can get it to you.

Process Service -

You say the constables can't get them served, give us a call.

Expert Witness -

In over 25 years of business this company has never been the subject of a wrongful repossession suit. We have no problem providing expert testimony for individuals who have been wronged by unscrupulous repossessors and their tactics.


Your Repossession Specialists in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota

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